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Who Won The Free Recording???

Alta View (formerly Northbound) and their new song Lightless! Lightless (feat. Dominic Padilla from Stanley and the Search) by Alta View I’ll be doing another recording giveaway at the end…

Honest Music Festival Commercial

Almost as good as Honest Cable Company, which was banned for defamation in Canada. College Humor brings us an honest look at what your overpriced festival will look like this…

6 Country Songs Mash Up!

This was once done with three or four of Nickleback’s songs showing how extremely similar they are. Now while I grew up a punk rock kid I also grew up…

“Music is art, art is valuable, valuable things should be paid for.”

“Music is art, art is valuable, valuable things should be paid for.” I like that, it’s actually Blake Morgan summing up Taylor Swift. First off I’ll say that I am…

Artists and Christmas

This past year has been exciting as I’m tying up some loose ends and transition into working with more artists that I love. A few of those artists are set…

“How Much Do You Charge?”

I’ve been getting this a few times per week so: FYI for bands interested. I have NO SET PRICE for recording per song. It’s just not that easy. Because, when…

About Hero

About Hero

Hero is a Los Angeles music producer looking for new artists to develop. Originally from Chicago, Joshua Smith produced dozens of new and upcoming artists in the Midwest before ultimately moving to LA.

Penciled & Colored by Cristian Santos.