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“How Much Do You Charge?”

I’ve been getting this a few times per week so: FYI for bands interested. I have NO SET PRICE for recording per song. It’s just not that easy. Because, when…

Record Your Band For Free

The END is HERE! I’ve chosen the band and I’ll send out an email to those who applied soon! Grab my free ebook! -Hero          

Make It Easy For Fans, Test Your Social Media Links.

CHECK EVERYTHING AT LEAST ONCE! I love browsing local artists and listening to their music. BUT, I can’t find out more about you if your links are bad. About 50% of…

Don’t Buy Popularity… 3 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy “likes”, “followers”, or “plays”.

Some bands suck at social media and we all understand, but some are tempted by shady characters online from whom you can purchase followers or plays. Let me just say…

Grammy Nominated Artist’s Streaming Royalty Statement.

It’s really sad that the industry seems to be looking for loose change in the sand these days. Monetizing music through streams just won’t work and this article shows a…

Should you BATTLE other bands or make ALLIES?

While I think Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands could be helpful promotion, I think putting too much effort into it draws time, energy and exposure AWAY from you. Now…

About Hero

About Hero

Hero is a Los Angeles music producer looking for new artists to develop. Originally from Chicago, Joshua Smith produced dozens of new and upcoming artists in the Midwest before ultimately moving to LA.

Penciled & Colored by Cristian Santos.