Artist Development

A few years ago major label A&R would scour the earth for good talent. If they found someone that they knew had talent they would help that artist develop into the best they could be. They would write/find songs, create press kits, help with publicity, promotion, videos, touring, publishing, conferences, etc.  Sadly that no longer happens, but how does an artist get signed today? Well, the major label executives today are much more business oriented and less creative then they once were. They don’t really look for talent and instead look for social media buzz and numbers If you’re hot and the numbers add up, then they might make an offer. It’s usually a bad one too and there’s a billion youtube sensations waiting in line to be “made”.

As for Artist Development producers have now taken on this role. We are now the creatives who search for talent and help give them the tools to reach their goals.

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